Power bank that can power your ADSL router during load shedding
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Power your ADSL modem with this power bank

Are you tired of not having access to the internet because there is load shedding? We have the answer to keep your ADSL model powered.  Our advance technology innovative power bank for ADSL can remain plugged in so it doubles as a UPS device.  This ADSL Power bank also has smart sensor technology built in which allows it to detect what voltage the modem or router requires, it then send the correct power to the device.  As long as your router works on 12V-20V this power bank will work.

Additional benefits of this power bank:

  • Charge laptops
  • Power ADSL modems and routers
  • Charge Mobile phones, Tablets and any 5V device.
  • Charge or power many devices that run on 12V-20V

We have two models:

16400mAh – R 1 245.00 each ex vat.  (3-4 Hours power for most common SA routers, 12V 1.5A)

23400mAh – R 1 449.00 each ex vat. (4-5 Hours power for most common SA routers, 12V 1.5A)

Please send an email to wayne(at) for more information.

Laptop power bank

Laptop power bank with wall adapter

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