What is an "Upgraded" USB flash drive or SD memory card?
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What is an "Upgraded" USB flash drive or SD memory card? In short, it is a scam. Suppliers buy cheap low capacity 64MB, 128MB, or 256MB drives or cards and then hack their controller chip settings so that these products show a much inflated false capacity to the user. 
These products will operate normally under low usage, but you will eventually find some or all of your valuable data irretrievably gone. The scammers call these "Upgraded", but nothing is truly upgraded except the fake capacity display. An 8GB drive or card will NEVER have more than 8GB. Any other capacity claims are outright false. If you see "upgraded" in any description, you can know two things: (1) The capacity is faked, and (2) the seller is a knowing participant in the scam. Bought one already? Test yours using h2testw.

In the computer, a fake 4GB will show 4GB as bellow:
But when we use the H2testw, you will see the truth.
There is a H2Testw testing result for a faked/upgrade 4GB USB drive.

You can see there is only 439.9MB can work,the rest of them 3.3GB is lost, which means the 3.3GB is faked.
It wont work for memory function. 
In this case,the cheater upgrades 512MB to be 4GB. 

So be careful when you are looking for very lower price.
You can refer to the usb flash chip price on
As long as the price you received from others is even lower than the usb chip price(usb chip is just one part of a finished usb drive), it is faked. 

In Gitratech, we never make such product to our customers in the past 17 years. We are serious in business and also hope work with serious buyers. 

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